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Ed Lover Presents Soul Siesta 2015

Ed Lover Presents Soul Siesta 2015

With a successful entertainment career that spans generations, Actor, Comedian, Radio Personality, TV & Video Host Ed Lover remains at the head of his class. A highly sought after and respected figure, Ed Lover continues to build a resume for success and set industry standards with ease. 

Ed Lover is synonymous with entertainment. Having done it all from TV, (the groundbreaking MTV series Yo! MTV Raps, According to   Jim, The Cosby Show, The Jamie Foxx show, etc.), Movies (Whoʼs the Man, Juice, Ride, Undisputed), Author (Naked Under My Clothes- written by Ed Lover and Doctor Dre), Comedy, Radio (The Operating Room on WBLS, The Doctor Dre and Ed Lover show on Hot 97, The Ed Lover show on Power 105), it seems he's done it all. 

Ed says “Just being me and my belief in God is what has gotten me this far.  Itʼs not easy being or staying relevant in this business and you have to learn to reinvent yourself."  Reinvent himself he has done. Ed currently has permeated pop culture and the world with his hilarious web series Cʼmon Son which pokes fun at celebrities, pop culture, politics and the world. Cʼmon Son has over 5 million Youtube views, a Facebook fan page with over 150,000 subscribers, and a huge following on Twitter and Instagram.  

Ed has interviewed everyone from President Obama to Oprah Winfrey on the radio. When Ed Lover is on the air there is no telling who he could have on as a guest.  Currently Ed Lover can be heard on Backspin - Sirius Satellite Radio weekends at Old School 100.3 (Philadelphia).

“As long as I can remember Iʼve always loved entertainment and I especially love radio!”  Just remember itʼs always a celebration!

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